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Want to Be A Future Sailor? Make Sure You Read Up The Guidelines!

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1,000?s of lives are saved every year, because of the service provided by volunteer SAR groups across the world.

The IMRF recognizes the need to provide safe and appropriate operations and equipment to keep the rescuers safe.

Many of the IMRF member organizations operate rescue boats, that sit outside IMO regulations, so the IMRF has developed flexible, but risk-based, guidance for maritime SAR operations by vessels of less than 24 meter in length, including, risk and safety assessments as well as identifying appropriate equipment, procedures & training.

We, therefore, have an international project working on this called the Atlantic Pacific International Rescue Project Boat.

Atlantic Pacific works with local communities and organizations all over the world to supply bespoke rescue boats, mobile lifeboat stations, and highly trained volunteer crew to places that lack a provision for water rescue.

As well as establishing preventative rescue services, Atlantic Pacific is also responsive; their lifeboats and volunteer crew can be deployed quickly to assist in situations where life is threatened and a provision for rescue is urgently required.

Atlantic Pacific was founded UWC Atlantic College alumnus by Robin Jenkins and the initiative was informed by his experiences while at the college. Several of the other team members are UWC Atlantic College alumni and staff, and the annual summer crew training takes place on the UWC Atlantic College campus.


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