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Water Pump Powered by Man: A Pump That Works with You to Conserve Energy.

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With increasing population by the day, there is immense pressure on these resources to fulfil man?s demand. There is a massive gap between the need for the energy and supply of energy, and the difference is only increasing with the population. When talking about filling this gap, one has to adopt newer methods of energy conservation, using the fullest of infinite energy resources by our capacity, etc. Electricity being the most basic requirement to function in today?s life is an understatement. Electricity is required for urban use, agriculture use and necessary for industrial development, etc.

Why save electricity?

Currently, in India, thermal power plants are the leading producers of electricity. They produce energy from low-cost processing of non-renewable natural resources such as gas, coal, and petroleum products. All of these gases are not only deposited in our lungs but also affect the state of the atmosphere, creating the so-called greenhouse effect. Here one is not only wasting the non-renewable natural resources but also harming the environment further disturbing the balance of nature.

How the model does works?

The water pump model operates on 3 levels that are to conserve energy by pumping the water on the required area, sprinkles for irrigation purposes and the whole model is powered by a man to work on his health and conserve electricity as well.

The model starts with human resources, by the help of pedals the wheels of the cycle starts to rotate after achieving certain speed the motor attached to the cycle generates energy to pump the water to tanks or roof storage, etc. Up to a height of 40 meters to 50 meters from the ground. When the man stops pedalling the cycle the water supply to the pump is cut off. Since the pedalling is taking place with manpower one is aware of how much supply is needed and when to cut the supply this also prevents wastage of the water by overflowing etc. the other purpose of this water pump is for irrigation uses for sprinkling farms or gardens etc. here again the model is powered by man. As man here to the man powers the model is aware of how much water is needed, and when to cut off the supply, no water is wasted in this process too. As in both the case, the model is powered by the man they get their heart pumping by cycling the model. Here one not only conserves electricity but also gets their heart pumped, which is always a good thing in today?s busy life. One doesn?t have to go somewhere to work out specially, it can be done while conserving electricity too.


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