Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink? - Use Bell siphon to drain water during floods

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Calamities like floods cause major destruction to the flora and fauna. For years we have been trying to find a cure to this major life-threatening problem.

How Can We Use Bell Siphon?

The latest technology is a bell siphon model to drain the water;

Let us understand the working of bell siphon with its application is hydroponics and then apply it to solve our problem

Using a bell siphon is an easy way to drain a grow-bed in an aquaponic or hydroponic system.

The idea is that in an ebb and flow system, you have a tank of fertilizer (for aquaponics its a fish tank) and a grow bed full of plants. You then pump the fertilizer into the grow-bed and the plants eat.

The problem is that you cannot generally have the plant roots submerged in water all the time as the roots will rot. And you need to have the means to empty the tank so it does not overflow.

A bell siphon solves this problem very simply, with the added benefit of working without additional energy input. This is the coolest part of this system. A bell siphon works solely on the physics principles of atmospheric pressure and vacuums!

The same holds true for waterlogging during floods which causes the crops to fail

To solve the above issue during floods we can use the same principle as in hydroponics and use the Bell Siphon to drain the excess water and thereby give relief

Why use a siphon?

? No more timer ? You will no longer need nor want a timer to control your pump. This eliminates:

   ? The cost of the timer

   ? The risk of timer failure

? Pump runs continuously ? Pumps that run continuously suffer less wear and tear. This may result in longer pump life.

? More aeration -If you are diverting part of your water stream back into your fish tank for aeration, using a siphon to drain your beds will increase the aeration you deliver to your fish tank (since aeration based on diverting a portion of the water stream only works while your pump is running).

Educational opportunity

A bell siphon is loaded with basic physics. This creates a great opportunity to teach students about partial vacuums, low pressure, pressure equalization, the impact of flow rates on siphon performance, and the force behind it all ? gravity

Research Institutes:

Hydroponics University

Hydro-U is a service of Simply Hydroponics and Organics On-line as part of the consumer education program.

The University of Hawaii ? they have special programs that help design the module of bell siphon and apply it to modern-day use


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