You Can Now Clean Your Bedroom while Watching Television in the Hall! How? Read On To Find Out!

Sweeping Robot

Cleaning floors tends to be a massive hassle that requires manual labor to be hired in order to be taken care of. Since the floor spans throughout the house, it is the biggest part and the most difficult part to clean. The floors of household must stay clean, especially in the case of a child present in the home. This is because children are highly susceptible to allergies and diseases and are also seen to have tendencies to put things and their own digits in their mouth. Additionally, the floor sees quite a bit of traffic everyday in the home. Hence, not even adults are free from the health hazard.Flooring should be properly cleaned. When manually done, many factors such as a lack of patience, body pain or even negligence can lead to unclean floors. Hence, innovative automated methods have been created.

One such device is the Bluetooth powered floor cleaner that utilizes a Bluetooth connection with a cellphone, through which the machine asks for a password in order to authorize the use of the floor cleaner. The door cleaner is complete with wheels, a container to hold water and a motor-powered brush in order to sweep dirt on the floor. Any combination of materials that the cleaner feels fit can be poured in the water holder and hence it works well within the convenience of the user. The floor cleaner will also have proximity sensors so that it does not damage itself or the furniture around it by knocking into them.

This invention is extremely innovative as it gives us the power to merely have to be in Bluetooth-connecting distance from the object and all the work will be thoroughly done as this will be the machine?s sole purpose. This not only decreases the workload placed on domestic help and households in general, but also ensures that the cleaning shall be thorough and done well. This makes this device a very lucrative invention and that it comes with enough practical value to explain its cost as effective and a long term investment. Unlike similar devices like the Roomba, this device has been made of simple materials that are readily and can be easily replaced due to the simplicity of the device itself, thus making it an easy to maintain household item that will be durable and last a considerable period of time. This in turn leads to the reduction of possible pollution by ensuring the long-standing durability of this floor cleaner.


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