Shri Sonnavar S.G | An easy way for farmers to save their crops from wild animals

What would happen if farmers did not exist? Imagine having a life without farmers? Trust me it would be horrible because farmers are a significant part of our lives. You cannot ignore the fact that the agricultural system of any country would just collapse without the farmers. For any country to progress, it needs to have a reasonable Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As agriculture is one of the most important parts of our society, the farmers remain to be the pillar of the agricultural system. They feed the nation and help the agricultural sector grow. In fact, they are not only the pillar but also the parents to their agricultural farms.

The soil and the land of the farm are like the womb of a mother to the farmer. Just like a mother can feel her egg turning into a baby inside her stomach similarly a farmer can feel it?s sown seeds. The farmer exactly feeds his crops and plants with sunlight and water like a mother feeds her baby with milk. Like a mother cares and nurtures her child, the farmer nurtures and cares for his crops. Both, the mother and the farmer play an important role in the growth of their respective born.
When it comes to a child?s security a mother becomes extremely protective and defensive. She fights for her child?s safety to keep him away from all the evil things. That is exactly how a farmer wants to protect his farm, plants and the crop from the evil eyes.

The main challenge arises when they need to safeguard their farms from animals and birds. Wild creatures have been farmer?s oldest enemies who completely destroy the crops when they enter. This leads to major crop failure and poor yield of crops which further leads to significant financial loss. At times this problem becomes so profound that the farmers finally decide to give up and leave their area barren. So many times, the farmers get so frustrated due to financial losses that they even commit suicide. In the last 5 years, Maharashtra has a count of over 14,000 farmer suicides.

Sadly, we?re losing our backbone of agriculture! How can we save them? Is there anything that can be done for their help?

Yes, there is! Shri Sonnavar S.G. a teacher from Maharashtra Vidyalaya Bansokar promises to deter these wild visitors through a brilliant school project.

He has introduced a gun and named it as ?Farmer?s Gun?. He made this gun with the use of calcium carbide, water and calcium hydroxide. The reason he made use of these chemicals in this gun is that these chemicals help to produce air in the gun.

This gun will help the farmers to ward off the wild animals from the farms. This gun can be used by every farmer as it is made within the range of only Rs. 500 to 600 so it is very cost-friendly.

Apart from this, the gun has several other advantages too. Such as:

? It is harmless as it causes no physical harm to animals as such.

? It is easy to handle.

? It is a portable device which means that it can be very easily carried and transported from one place to another, compared to the guns that were used earlier by the farmers. They were quite heavy so it used to become difficult for the farmers to carry the gun with them to the farms.

In this way, the crops and the farmers both remain to be safe.

A teacher who has the ability to inspire his students is the best kind of teacher. This is a kind of teacher that will be long remembered. A teacher influences children in many ways so the best gifts that a teacher can provide students are knowledge & motivation and that is what Shri Sonnavar has done by creating a project like this. A small-town teacher with bigger thoughts is inspiring students and farmers all over.


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