Solar Tractor Slurry And Spraying Machine

Agriculture has remained as a centrepiece of the Indian economy. Though it is a main source of livelihood for a majority of Indian population, it still stands as a technologically backward sector. From production challenges to financial inefficiencies, Indian agriculture is plagued by several issues. Adoption of solar energy can be highly beneficial for the agricultural sector. Solar energy is all about absorbing the energy from the sun and subsequently converting it into electricity. To encounter the same, a Solar Tractor Slurry Machine and Spraying Machine have been introduced. Solar
energy possesses a huge potential for solar irrigation and can be used to pump water for livestock and crops.

The advantages of using a Solar Tractor Slurry Machine and Spraying Machine are:

? There are no additional expenses for fuel and maintenance.
? It is economical.
? It helps to lower the carbon footprints from farm activities.
? Solar tractor farming is also environment friendly.


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