Swapnil Mali - Non-Polluting Bicycle for a Pollution-Free City

Pollution has been a problem since a long time. The harmful gases emitting from factories have affected our environment drastically. In order to cut down air pollution, this young mind has come up with a solution that can reduce air pollution. Let's dive into the video to gain in-depth knowledge about the solution

Aren?t we all aware about the importance of transportation in our lives? Today it is almost impossible for one to survive without the means of transportation. What comes to your mind first when a) You hear that you got to travel abroad? That you?ll soon be taking a flight! b) When it?s time for you to visit your native place? You need to make train reservations! c) When you?re about to leave your home for shopping? You can?t forget to take your car keys or to book a cab before leaving!

Isn?t this true?

Transportation has become so important to each one of us as it establishes civilization. It enables us to travel from one place to another in no time; it also helps us to communicate, trade and make other forms of exchange between people.

Transportation has several other advantages too such as playing a crucial role in globalization as well as economic growth.

However, there?s nothing in this world that comes with only pros, there is always another side too. Similarly, transportation brings its own disadvantages, such as it is dotted with frequent accidents, requires heavy maintenance and has expensive travel charges, causes traffic, faces parking issue, requires a lot of space hence, there?s too much wastage of space and most importantly that it emits hazardous pollutants in the air causing air pollution.

Our lives will keep getting busier and we?ll have to keep going with it and so we can?t really give up on travelling. So, what can we do to get rid of these problems? Is there any solution to it?

Yes, there is! Our young-little scientists at JustLearning which provides peer to peer learning have solutions and innovative ideas for every big problem. Watch our science videos to know more! So, to fight this problem too, we have an extremely interesting solution in the form of a student school project. Swapnil Mali a student from Shri Mallpa School made an incredible science school project called ?Non-Polluting Bicycle.?

How is this different from an ordinary bicycle? How can it help us get rid of the above-mentioned problems? Let?s get to know.

Firstly, you must know that one wouldn?t have to spend much on it as it is extremely cost-effective. It can be made just within Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000. It works more and better than our usual cycles at a lesser cost. Hence, it can be owned by anyone and everyone be it someone from high-class, middle-class or even a poor person.
There?s absolutely no need to worry about the maintenance cost too because unlike other vehicles that take a lot of maintenance, this bicycle?s maintenance cost is very less. In fact, if the bicycle?s petrol gets exhausted one can still ride it by paddling the paddles. Isn?t it quite affordable?

When compared to a motorcycle, this bicycle gives an amazing mileage of 80 to 90 kmpl and it continues to remain the same throughout. On the contrary, when you buy a new bike, it?s mileage is usually around 60 to 70 kmpl and after about 3 to 4 years the same bike will give you an average of only 30 to 40 kmpl.

In case any accident takes place, it?s not only the vehicle that is damaged: these accidents also tend to cause damage to human life. It can cause serious life-long injuries or even death. This bicycle also helps in avoiding this problem as it controls the speed and helps in the reduction in the number of accidents and since it is not very expensive so even if it needs any kind of repair it wouldn?t cost you much.

Most of us today travel by kind of vehicles, where you usually just sit and reach from one place to another and get busy with our daily schedules. Later, in order to take care of health and physique, we tend to pay extra and join a gym where cycling is a part of the exercise. How about staying fit while you travel? This bicycle does exactly that too as it also helps you stay fit!

In total, this bicycle is non-polluting, gives an amazing mileage, it is inexpensive and affordable, less prone to accidents and pollution and finally, it also claims less space on the roads.

Swapnil?s main motive behind creating this project was to give everyone a message, that says ?be a part of the solution, not part of the pollution.?

It?s so commendable and inspirational to watch such young creative minds to do so much more than their age. This genius worked on a kind of a project that would not only make his but even yours and our future better, because he knows that Green Environment is the future.


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