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Hydroelectricity : A Sustainable Energy For The Future

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Sometimes, the natural water flow can get inadequate to meet the water demand. Hence, water is released from dams during such times to meet the demand. The water released from the dam flows with a very strong force. However, this force of the water can be used to create a cleaner source of energy. We need such sources to help our environment's well-being. A student has come up with a model run on hydroelectricity to help this cause.

With the assistance of hydroelectricity, power can be generated and shared with the surrounding power plants. The produced power can be transmitted to the towns in that area by using various cables. Hydroelectricity is fuelled by water. As it's a clean fuel source, burning of fossil fuels for electricity generation can be omitted. It is also a domestic source of energy, allowing each state to produce their own energy without being reliant on external fuel sources.


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