Strategies Quick Learners Use

In today?s fast-paced world, people always keep looking for the quick fix, or easy solution, or fastest way to get the job done. With the availability of technology at finger tips, they get everything pretty instantly. Be it movies on demand, TV shows to be watched for hours, and even daily required products that are delivered right at the doorsteps.

Unfortunately, expecting the same speedy returns in terms of acquiring knowledge does not work. Instead, quick learners keep on working above and beyond the rest. 

It is a wrong notion that quick learners have any magic wand or some out-of-the-world ability that helps them learn faster.

Listed below are some of the spot-on differences between the process of quick learners and typical learners in various aspects of learning. These strategies will surely help develop quick learning abilities amongst students.

1. When To Study

Typical Learners: Typical learners study as per their moods and needs. Whenever they are distracted for any reason, these types of learners tend to run away from the task of learning at hand. They study only when there is an absolute necessity, and won?t study in advance.

Quick Learners: Quick learners dedicatedly study irrespective of their emotions. For them, the goals set by them are much greater than their negative emotions. Even when they don?t feel like studying or learning, they still do it anyway, keeping the bigger picture in mind.

2. Way To Study

Typical Learners: Typical learners tend to study only what is necessary according to them. Their lack of interest and commitment does not allow them to go above and beyond the topic.

Quick Learners: Quick learners have a knack to study everything in detail on whatever topic they learn. They analyse all the possible connections, and learn that topic thoroughly, even if it is not required at that point in time. This habit enables quick learners to make more connections on the topic, gain more information and take up new information in an easy manner.

3. Focus While Studying

Typical Learners: Typical learners somehow love to look at the clock while studying. They tend to set a time-limit for their study. Their entire focus is on what they would do after the break, rather than what they will achieve during the valuable study time.

Quick Learners: Quick learners are more interested in what they are studying. Their complete focus is on what they want to achieve during the study time, rather than how long it will take to finish the topic. They set small goals on what they want to achieve during the study time and eventually they do achieve it, no matter how long it takes.

4. Attitude While Studying

Typical Learners: While studying typical learners usually tend to breathe deeply and shake their head every time upon looking at the clock. They get a feeling that they somehow do not want to be here in the first place, they tend to regret their decision and try to justify why they can leave.

Quick Learners: Quick learners have an altogether different and positive perspective of looking at the clock. They are under the perception that they do not have sufficient time to get everything done which they had set out to do. Looking at the clock, they almost instantly reset themselves as they do not have the time to waste.

5. Consistency In Learning

Typical Learners: Although when they start learning, they tend to set themselves with the right mindset. They are slated to study for at least an hour a day, but the moment something comes up in the way during their study hour, they tend to waver from their learning mindset. They give learning a very low priority.

Quick Learners: Although quick learners too start with the same mindset, most importantly, they value learning more than anything else on the earth. It is only if they are given an opportunity of a lifetime, that they might give up on learning for the day. Even then, they would rather lose their sleep than to skip studying.

The most important thing to be noted is the time-frame set for learning something quickly. In this fast-paced world, where everything happens so instantly, people do tend to believe learning also succumbs to those same rules.

To be considered to be a quick learner, one must not find ways to effectively learn throughout an hour of a day, but should rather make plans to learn throughout the week of the month. They need to think beyond.

When one learns for multiple hours of a week, it will not matter how much study is get done in an hour, as eventually with their efforts throughout the week, they will learn faster than anyone else. To consider the bigger picture is of paramount importance.

Learning continuously, keeping aside the emotions and not skipping studying even a single day, will ultimately keep one standing in the spotlight!


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