Indian Navy Day 2019- Celebrating Strength and Bravery!

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Navy Day is celebrated in many countries on different dates. On this special day, brave officers are remembered for the victory of the Indian Navy in the 1971 Indo-Pak war and that is why it is celebrated on December 4 every year. According to reports, during 'Operation Trident', the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels, including PNS Khaibar, killing hundreds of Pakistani Navy personnel.

Various events take place during the days leading up to Navy Day. According to a recent report, open sea swimming competitions are held, ships 'are opened for visitors', veteran sailors lunch is organized, performances by the Naval Symphonic Orchestra are held, along with a Navy Half Marathon, air display for the school children, a beating retreat and tattoo ceremonies.

The Indian Navy was established in 1612. Britishers had formed the army as the Company Marine for the protection of their ships. It was renamed later as the Royal Indian Navy. After India got Independence, the Royal Indian Navy was renamed as the Indian Navy on 26th January. The Indian Navy is considered the world's fifth-largest Navy.

According to reports, the latest figures say there are 295 ships in the Indian Navy. There are 3 aircraft carriers, combat ship 14, Destroyer 11, fighter vessel 23, submarine 15, petrol craft 139 and combat ship 6.

Join Hands In Hands, India?s Bravehearts !!! The Navy is very old and very wise. A VERY HAPPY NAVY DAY!


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