?Six Feet Apart?: An Innovation by Teenager Neha Shukla During COVID-19 Times

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many people are adjusting to the new normal. Most offices have adopted a work from home policy for the safety of their employees. Schools have gone online and daily virtual classes are being held. Yet those that step out for groceries, other necessities or simply to breathe in some fresh air do so with masks and other protective gear.

While taking the necessary precautions, people pass by each other while neglecting social distancing norms. Even at vendors, this hygiene need is overseen. So here is a girl who has found a solution to this much-overlooked problem.

Let?s get to know Neha Shukla!

? Neha Shukla has been trending recently and for good reason.

? She was born and has grown up in Pennsylvania's Mechanicsburg, USA.

? This 15-year-old is here to deliver a few constructive social changes through the pandemic.

? She has partnered with the ?Girls With Impact? programme in the US that teaches entrepreneurial expertise to younger women. She has also visited their prestigious entrepreneurship academy.

? Neha is an engineering student.

? She combined her engineering skills with her need to find a solution and has come up with the cap ?Six Feet Part? during COVD-19 pandemic times.

? She began the undertaking in April and prepared a prototype in June.

? Every time anyone crosses that six-foot boundary, the programme and the microprocessor are alerted. This cap then beeps and vibrates to inform the wearer of the cap.

? A microprocessor based gadget is embedded in the cap.

? There?s an ultrasonic sensor, a microprocessor, a buzzer and a nine-volt battery inside the cap.

? The ultrasonic sensors are coded with a programme that sends pulses.

? When these waves collide with an individual inside that six-foot detection range, this uncooked knowledge calculation is transformed into a system that perceives and therefore alerts the person.

? She is now engaged in bettering the design of the gadget. She is also looking into infrared imaging to make the device even more effective than it is right now.

? She is also growing a Bluetooth app that may ship the identical notification to your telephone as nicely and you may preserve an observation of the past.

? Neha is even working on fitting the device inside other wearables like jewellery and badges. She is exploring different casing and devices to make it more accessible as well.

? She wants the device to be put to work in schools, for frontline workers, and vulnerable sections like the elderly and the immune-compromised.

? She looks at this device as a way to quantify social distancing and confirm the six feet distance to prevent viral transmissions of the virus.

? As schools will shortly open in the fall in the US, she looks at this to be an excellent way to curb the spread of the virus among school children and teachers as well.

? She is open to possibilities in her career and is looking to combine her love for STEM with business and finance someday.

? The reason behind her innovation is her intent that she wants to make a difference in her community but also across the world. She wants to make the most of this opportunity by saving lives, especially during this pandemic.

? She is passionate about finding solutions to problems and that is the driving factor behind her enthusiasm to innovate and pursue STEM.

? She is currently in conversation with a hat making company that is looking to partner with her and is conducting some beta testing. They are exploring other caps that this gadget can be installed in to cater to different audiences including celebrities.

? Most of her family lives in India and she has been visiting every summer.

? She loves the Indian culture and the warmth of the Indian people.

? She also likes to visit India where many of her relatives live and wants to return as soon as the pandemic is over and meet her cousins, newly born cousins and newly married relatives.

? She has received immense support from her family during her scientific pursuits.

? Neha looks up to her mom and runs her ideas by her. Her mom has been an IIT and Harvard student and is now in consulting. Her mom has had an inspiring journey and is doing so much in her field. Neha stresses on the importance of women growing and inspiring future women leaders.

? She has been featured within the New York Occasions and on the Nasdaq display screen final month.

? Neha also likes to play the piano and acoustic guitar. She?s been playing the piano since she was 4-5 years old. She loves to paint. She has a younger sister and enjoys their playtime as well and lives a healthy teenage life.


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