Studies Got you Stressed Out? Students Here Are 14 Tips to Help you Cope!

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There is a common psychological concern among many students, especially at specific times, such as the beginning of the school year, or when exams are nearing, some of them with a state of chronic psychological anxiety can experience an obstacle to their success and achievement.

Students' psychological anxiety and stress

The students' psychological anxiety is common, and that many cases occur especially when important academic events, such as exams, the beginning of the school year, the start of the second term, or the beginning of the general secondary school stage.

The problem, as indicated above, is the increase in psychological and neurological pressure on the student, which is not related to reality, but rather from the fabric of his imagination and from the great psychological pressure from the family and community around him, especially with regard to science, study, and certificates. The family is involved in many of this imbalance; Psychological pressure on the student makes him more susceptible to a state of anxiety disorder.

Complications of psychological anxiety

The fear of study and the difficulty of the tasks required of the student make him feel panic, and feel the state of chronic fear of the study and lessons and the school, Gradually, with increased anxiety, the student becomes unable to attain Scholastic achievement due to brain fragmentation, poor concentration, lack of comprehension and lack of proper thinking, all of which are complications of mental anxiety.

Treatment of psychological anxiety

Treatment of such a condition must be early, and it should not be neglected or delayed. The situation of the student with mental anxiety increases whenever he goes to school begins to resolve the duty or is asked to take an oral or written examination.

In such a condition the family should be more noticeable, more attentive and closer to him, talk to him about the problem, try to reduce the psychological pressure on him and reduce the requirements and hopes of him. We should not always ask him for excellence and rebuke him for the low grades and failures, but to be moderate and accept failure and dialogue and the possibility of getting rid of it, and encourage him whenever he achieved a certain success.

The student has to be rewarded constantly, and improve the image of the school and study in his eyes, through the introduction of the side-by-side study, such as exercise and encourage his favorite reading, here; the student feels the lack of psychological pressure and nervousness and begins to get rid of psychological anxiety.

14 Simple ways to overcome psychological anxiety among students

1. Find ways to calm down

2. Watch your diet

3. Eat healthily

4. Study as much as you can

5. Learn to study more effectively

6. Get enough sleep

7. Exercise regularly

8. Make sure you have plenty of time.

9. Try to mimic test-taking conditions

10. Say an encouraging statement

11. Stay connected to others

12. Use stress management and relaxation techniques

13. Challenge an anxious thought

14. Avoid mind-altering substances

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