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The upside of playing video games

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The upside of playing video games

Outdoor playtime is encouraged among children because of the various benefits on the health of the child, development of social and motor skills, learning negotiation skills, and many more. Children have a lot of pent up energy and playtime helps them release that excess energy. Certain games even nurture their thinking and strategizing skills. Everything is good when done in moderation. As the saying goes ?All work and no play make Jack and Jill dull children.? Similarly, video games are said to have a positive impact on children and young adults.

Video games are suitable for children as long as you can monitor the time spent on it. Let?s understand what the benefits of videos games are!

Develops problem-solving skills

While playing video games and moving ahead, the child has to be cautious and think before acting else may lose chances in the game. For this purpose, the player tries to choose the best path ahead and what she or he may encounter on the selected route and have a plan in place to solve that issue. Foreseeing potential issue and choosing the best path which will work with the child?s strengths is an added advantage. This approach of anticipating and solving problems becomes a habit, and the child can handle such stressors easily.

Enhances focus and attention span

While playing video games, the child has to hold focus for prolonged periods. The games are exciting and engage the child for a long time. As the child participates in these games, the attention span develops in the process. This increased focus translates in the life of the child.

Develops multitasking skills

The child observes and learns during different levels in the games, which will have an element of surprise. The child needs to be able to use the control and deal with the adversaries while being mindful of the time and energy levels. In the process, the child learns to observe, think and act almost simultaneously. This ability extends beyond the game and is quite beneficial for the child.

Improves social skills

While playing video games, the child has an option to connect with multiple players across the globe. This requires them to communicate and discuss their plan of action. Thus strengthening the bond between teammates and even developing friendships. Children learn to interact with people from a diverse background and work towards a common goal together.

Video games can increase the grey matter in the brain

Grey matter is associated with muscles control, perception, memories and spatial navigation. Video games stimulate the increase of grey matter which in turn boosts brain productivity. Grey matter helps to process the information in the brain. The human brain has 60% of white matter and 40% of grey matter.

Helps to overcome challenges caused by dyslexia

Children with dyslexia struggle with reading and focusing on a task at hand. Studies prove that action videos games improve the reading ability of the child. In fact, due to a prolonged period of playing video games, overtime, the child can focus more easily. The learning agility of the child also improves.

Builds leadership skills

Playing video games requires the child to make decisions on the go. While many games simulate real-life instances, the child can choose, act and react in the gaming world as well as in reality. On losing lives, you?ll never see a child give up. They?ll bounce back faster and stronger until they achieve it, thus, demonstrating leadership traits.

Improves hand-eye coordination

While the child is playing video games, continuous observation, and action is essential. At the time the action seems like a reflex. The storyline or plot stimulates the child?s mental processes, and the child takes appropriate steps to move ahead in the game. Remember that playing video games is fun. For parents, you can invest in age-appropriate video games. Certain games can be too violent and can have a negative impact. There are a variety of video games such as action games, simulation games, puzzle games, action-adventure and many more. Choose the one which best suits and interests your child?s needs. Monitor the amount of time the child spends every day playing these games. A healthy amount of playtime would be significant for the child. Communicate and negotiate the terms of video games with your child before you invest in one.


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