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Have you heard of Sole searching? Yes! You got it right, no typo errors! Our younger generation is entering in the new arena of technology where it widens every student's ideology towards science invention! Well, this new Sci-Tech model takes one to the next level! Sole searching is a model which has multi-purposes, installed in a normal shoe, founded by a young student from Uttarakhand named Vinay. Technology along with scientific creation has created a huge impact on our lives. It triggers our brain wires to get interested in sci-tech missions of these young kids. Today, every school-going kid has information about the new technology entering the market. And they know how to use it as they grasp faster at a younger age which is an advantage in itself!

This model generates electricity with every step you take! Interesting isn?t it? That?s not all! It also works as a torch through the LED installed inside, for the ones who like to step out in the night. You can connect your mobile and use it as a charger using electricity. This model is basically created for our Indian Army where they lack amenities. So, this model is to contribute to the Indian Army as they can even without electricity use their phones in an emergency and use the trackers with a transmitter inside the shoes to track down the danger around them at a distance of 200 meters at a stretch. While walking, we can track, charge and even use our shoes as a torch in the dark... the shoes also consist of a solar panel which enables the soldiers to save the battery for days!

Nike HyperAdapts 1.0s

The HyperAdapts are, hands down, the most futuristic pair on this list. The battery-powered, self-lacing shoes are straight out of Back to the Future, only with a style that won?t have people calling you a dork. The LED mid-sole, indicator lights, battery and sensors in each HyperAdapt is a staggering amount of legitimate tech to include in a pair of sneakers. Combine that with the unique aspect that these are the first of their kind and that they work really well to lace uptight and comfortable each time, and the HyperAdapts more than justify their $720 price. (Whether they also justify the $4,000+ eBay resale cost is an entirely different story.)

Nike LunarEpic Flyknit 2

Nike?s Lunarlon is a two-part sole that varies in density depending on the stress expected on that part of your foot. Don?t let the thickness trick you, the LunarEpic Flyknit 2 might look like a sneaker prescribed by a podiatrist, but it?s actually concealing some of Nike?s most tech-forward material, blending the Lunar lower with a Flyknit upper for lightweight support across the board.

Under Armour SpeedForm Gemini 3

UA is betting heavy on their record-equipped technology that uses microchips built into the shoe to give detailed feedback of your run when synced with their MapMyRun app. Not only will this pair analyze your running technique and give you GPS of your route (with the app), it?ll also track when you?ve racked up 400 miles and tell you it?s time to grab a new pair. New for UA is their Jump Around test, a simple jump test built into the Gemini 3?s sensors that?ll help you plan the intensity of your workout.


The oddball of this list doesn't come from one of the major brand names, but an indie upstart called ShiftWear. Unfortunately, these are the ugliest looking sneakers we've ever seen, but the tech behind them could be a gamechanger for the entire industry. A flexible HD color display built into the rear outer panel of the sneaker wirelessly connects with your smartphone to actually update and customize the display on a whim. The implication being that you can change the look and colorway of your sneaker to suit whatever you're wearing or wherever you're going. Wireless charging means you can power up just by placing your sneakers on a wireless charging pad at the end of the day. What you put on the outside of this is entirely up to you.


Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) ( branches all over India)

Central Leather Institute ( Chennai)

Government leather Institute

National Institute of Fashion Technology ( provides footwear designing course too)

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