World Tourism Day: 2019 Brings New Objectives, Let us Celebrate this Day In India?s Way!

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Today marks the 40th consecutive year that the world is celebrating as ?World Tourism Day?. Now, why do we celebrate this day at all? It was started by the United Nations World Tourism Organization since the Statutes of the UNWTO were adopted on 27 September 1970. To commemorate this day, we celebrate it each year with a different theme.

This year?s theme is "Tourism and jobs: a better future for all". So the idea behind celebrating this day is to foster the growth of tourism as it is an important aspect of every country?s economy. It may be an undervalued option for many nations, but there are several countries in the world whose sole economy comes from tourism. So realising its importance can help understand how it can help boost the economy.

India?s objectives are:

? Tourism can create better jobs, especially for those who are young and women.

? It must mirror and integrate the advances made in our technology.

? Though it is often overlooked, it can generate up to 10 percent of jobs in the country.

The initiative was started at the third session of the UNWTO General Assembly where this day was selected to commemorate an important day in world of tourism. For the year 2019, India is selected to be the host for ?World Tourism Day?. As India has a diverse society and is often considered to be the boiling point of various cultures, it strikes a true cord with tourism. With its 29 states and 7 union territories, every state speaks a different language, and exhibits a different culture, which often helps in boosting the tourism traffic.

What we often miss about tourism can be explained using a simple example. Today, most people dream about travelling the world, visiting different countries and eating various cuisines. What we fail to realise is most people who come to our country share the same curiosity and excitement that we do when we take a trip to a new place. That inquisitiveness to know more about a different culture is a common sentiment that is often cashed into the tourism industry.

You can simply say that the tourism industry is built on a traveler?s dream to see the world.

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