4 Govt Initiatives To Reduce Air Pollution

Here Are The Initiatives Taken By The Government and Authorities Of India To Curb Air Pollution:

  1. Parking Fees Were Enhanced By Four Times: To discourage people from taking out their cars and reduce emissions, the authorities hiked the parking fees by four times as vehicle pollution is one of the main contributors to air pollution.
  2. Record Air Pollution: Air quality information collection and dissemination are done from a centralized location. It provides real-time air quality status to all stakeholders.
  3. Mobilize participation to promote environmental awareness: About 1 lakh schools are identified as Eco-clubs, in which nearly thirty lakh students are actively participating in various environmental protection and conservation activities, including the issues related to the air pollution.
  4. Proactive steps are taken to conserve the environment: Activities such as cycling, saving water and electricity, growing trees, proper maintenance of vehicles, following lane discipline and reducing congestion on roads by carpooling etc are being promoted.


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