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Smart Walking Stick: Intelligent Walking Stick For The Visually Impaired! Find Out!

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Visually impaired persons have difficulty to interact and feel their environment. They have little contact with surroundings. Physical movement is a challenge for visually impaired persons because it can become tricky to distinguish obstacles appearing in front of them, and they are not able to move from one place to another.

What is a smart walking stick and how does it work?

A smart walking stick is specially designed to detect obstacles which may help the blind to navigate care-free.

The audio messages will keep the user alert and considerably reduce accidents. A voice-enabled automatic switching is also incorporated to help them in private space as well.

This system presents a concept to provide a smart electronic aid for blind people, both in public and private space The proposed system contains the ultrasonic sensor, water sensor, voice play backboard, raspberry pi, and speaker.

The proposed system detects the obstacle images which are present in outdoor and indoor with the help of a camera.

The Stick measures the distance between the objects and smart walking stick by using an ultrasonic sensor.

When any objects or obstacles come in a range of an ultrasonic sensor then the headphone tells the name of the obstacle which is in front of the stick.

Why use a smart walking stick?

The smart walking stick helps blind people to perform navigation and to do their work easily and comfortably. In normal stick, the detection of the obstacle is not done and the normal stick is not efficient for visually impaired persons. Because the blind person does not know what type of things or what type of objects come in front of him or her. The person cannot recognize what is the size of that object and how far is he/she from the object. It is difficult for a blind person to move here and there. In a smart walking stick, the object is detected with the help of a camera and also it measures the distance between objects by using the ultrasonic sensor. If any obstacle comes in front of a blind person, he/she can know about the obstacle by hearing the sound generated by the headphone. The system is very useful for people who are visually impaired and often need help from others.

Advantage of this stick

The main advantage of the system is that it helps the blind people in both indoor and outdoor, care-free navigation. The devices placed in the stick makes it comfortable and easy to handle. The smart stick helps in detecting obstacles placed at a distance in front of the user.

The information regarding obstacles is given through voice alerts, eliminates the difficulty of understanding vibration patterns that were used in earlier systems. The system is a moderate budget mobile navigational aid for the visually impaired.

The smart walking stick is a simple and purely mechanical device to detect the obstacles on the ground. This device is light in weight and portable. But its range is limited due to its own size. It provides the best travel aid for the person. The blind person can move from one place to another independently without the help of the others. The main aim of the system is to provide an efficient navigation aid for the blind persons which gives a sense of vision by providing the information about their surroundings and objects around them.


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