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A trade commissioner claims that the on-farm efficiencies in New Zealand dairy industry will help in expanding the Irish herds.

A trade commissioner claims that the on-farm efficiencies in New Zealand dairy industry will help in expanding the Irish herds.




In New Zealand’s dairy industry, the search for the on farm efficiencies can lead to expansion of the Irish herds. Daniel Taylor, the New Zealand’s trade commissioner for Ireland and the United Kingdom, pointed at the presence of strong similar characteristics that lay in the farming styles of the two countries.


Daniel Taylor comments that the trend today has moved towards the larger herds. That is to say that presently, the technology has become extremely important and vital for managing and controlling the owned assets that you seem to have access to. The technologies can be comfortably used since a lot of farmers pay visit to New Zealand and vice versa.


The latest technology includes everything from rotary parlors to sensor systems. Down Under Travelling along with various other firms like National Ploughing Championships, aim to bring out the best from amongst the latest technologies.




LIC Automation, UBCO all terrain bokes, Duncan Ag. Aitchison, specialist seed drill manufacturers and Waikato Milk systems were amongst the top New Zealand’s companies that made a trip to Tullamore.


Ireland wants to first focus on the seed drilling technology from New Zealand that is environmental friendly in nature. Daniel Taylor also confirms that they indeed have taken interest in the New Zealand’s rotary parlour.


The main interest lay in the rotary parlours that would allow the milking of two hundred cows by a single person while standing on the same spot. The issue of staffing was prevalent since companies fall short of staff.


Brent Crowthers (UK based) along with Waikato Milk systems announced that they are investing more than $130,000 (price of the starting range of systems) in installation of three rotary parlours in Ireland.


Mr. Crowthers claims that a majority of the Irish farmers are familiar with the said system from the New Zealand. New Zealand has had three tough years consequently in milk payments. The efficiencies have now become the need of the hour since everyone wants to solve the issue of milk.


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