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Multi-Purposes Farm Cycle: Newer Technology Approaching the Farming Sector.

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India’s population is projected to be 1.37 billion in 2019 compared to 1.35 billion in 2018. According to the numbers, the growth rate of the population for 2019 is 1.08%. India will have the youngest population in the world by 2020, with an average age of 29 years old. Having the most youthful population in the world means India will have the maximum population in the working class. The Indian population is divided into 3 sectors; primary, secondary, and tertiary. Tertiary is service relates, and secondary is industry related. Primary being the agriculture-related contributing to 60% of Indian GDP. With 51% of the workforce in India were employed in agriculture, while the other half was almost evenly distributed among the two different sectors, industry and services. Number of Indians working in agriculture is on a downfall, and it is still the primary sector of employment.

Importance of agriculture in India

Agriculture in India is realized by everyone when Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second prime minister of India had given the slogan of ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan.’ India is the country of farmers and orchards. The majority of the Indian population have adopted Agriculture for their occupation.

Conditions of farmers, in India

The condition of most of the farmers is horrible. Nearly 80% of the farmers in India belong to the Marginal or small farmer’s category. The agriculture supports nearly 50%of the employment but contributes only 15% to the Gross Domestic Product. Farmers have to face the issue of lesser rainfall due to improper irrigation. In a country like India, they have to struggle hard to achieve sustained progress in irrigation. Mostly, the farmers suffer from infrastructural and economic problems in their routine life.

How does the model work?

The objective of the model is to serve many agriculture pieces of equipment into just one device, making it multi propose, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. The model consists of spraying fertilizers, saw cutter, to weep the crops, etc. This model is powered by man as there is no need for any batteries or motors or electricity. The model is powered by the man with the help of pedals attached to the semi cycle construction. The sprinklers attached to the model are adjustable in height as to cattier to different plants on different height. For instance, for plants like pomegranate and grapes are on above-average height and plants like an onion that is closer to ground. This model is portable from one place to another with the help of wheels powered by man.

Agriculture in everyday life is essential because it is the source of livelihood. Agriculture is a profession that is most close to nature. It gives us peace and satisfaction besides income. Working in the agriculture sector will not only increase your income sources but also give you inner peace and happiness.

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