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Mental illness can range from anxiety disorders to mood disorders which severely affects your emotions

Mental illness is a health condition which alters the person’s thinking, emotions, feeling and behaviour. It causes the person to become stressed out. He may find it difficult to function. Stress can happen during daily life where there is difficulty in facing the emotions. But mental illness makes it hard to function normally in daily life. Mental illness can affect your overall personality, your job and even stop you from reaching your goal.

Mental illness can range from anxiety disorders to mood disorders which severely affects your emotions. For instance, if the mental illness is a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia, a person loses touch with reality and start hallucinating about people/ events/ things that are not even real. Schizophrenia affects the person’s perception and creates delusions.

It is extremely difficult to cope up with mental illness since a person relies completely on his senses, emotions and perceptions to get through the day. When they fail, it becomes tedious to cope up with reality. The lines between reality and fiction blur.

Some other types of mental illnesses are autism, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia etc. Some warning signs for mental illness are excessive anxieties, change in personality, strange out of topic ideas, inability to cope up with daily problems in life, apathy, extremely high or low mood swings, contemplating suicide, prolonged depression, excessive hostility or anger or aggression, desire to harm someone etc.


  • Mental health problems do not last forever. Granted, mental illness isn’t like an infection where waiting or taking a drug can solve everything. The human brain is complex and cannot be understood this easily. But, therapies and treatments tend to tone down the severity of the problem. With more motivation and willingness to try, a person can live a normal happy life.
  • Mental illness can disrupt a person’s life completely. People with depression who internalise their problems tend to develop mental illness sooner in comparison to others.
  • Being mentally ill does not mean that a person cannot pursue any normal relationship. In fact, if you isolate the person from all the relationships, the severity of the problem increases. The only way to deal with a mentally ill patient is to be patient, calm, understanding, loving, and strong.
  • People simply can’t “get over” their mental illness. Only with correct treatment, it can be treated.

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