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The smart clothes have become the need of the hour in the healthcare segment.

The field of science is developing with every single day. While a lot of monitoring systems still rely on connecting the wires to the body parts for monitoring health, smart clothes have been developed by a European team.

The smart clothes have embedded sensing devices that collect data via biosignals in the clothes and connect it to the mobile. This helps the doctors to keep a check on the patient’s health and be there virtually.

The clothes are comfortable, trendy and help in monitoring the heartbeat of the patient along with body temperature and breathing. This, in turn, reduces the need for visiting the doctor’s clinic for regular check-ups.


The e-textile or smart clothes reduce the cost of relying on expensive equipment. The smart clothes can easily track the chronic conditions of the wearer and notify the doctor in case of help.

People tend to become uneasy of staying in the hospital for longer periods of time. With smart clothes, there would be no need for staying inside the hospital as people can easily get monitored through their clothes. For example, the cycling shorts can measure the work done by muscles and respiration can be measured by the chest sensors. The changes in body temperature can be detected along with stress.

For instance, Heapsylon is a company in Washington which sells bras and t-shirts that consist of heart rate sensors which collect data during the exercise. The company aims to build up more smart clothes for collecting a database which can be used for prediction of future illness.


These are functional yet comfortable on the skin. The technology is transparent and is extremely simple in use. The PPU battery needs to remain charged up and the vest needs to remain attached to batteries for it to work.

The clothes make up for a cable-free system that accurately measures the progress of the patients over time. The doctors can connect to the patients via video conference and solve their queries. The clothes eliminate the need for visiting the hospitals for monitoring health conditions.

The smart clothes enable the doctors to measure the reaction of drugs on patient’s body in real time. The European Union has provided funds for developing MyHeart project which can possibly help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

The smart clothes can even help in fighting problematic areas like the t-shirts can be used for relieving chronic pain. The smart clothes have become the need of the hour in the healthcare segment.

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