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Video games have always been an important source of entertainment for everyone all over.

In this tech-savvy world, every single person tends to enjoy playing new gadgets. When it comes to new gadgets, people tend to buy the ones which offer better RAM for gaming purposes. Video games have always been an important source of entertainment for everyone all over. Elders keep on scolding the younger ones to stop investing time in games and actually study.

But a recent study claimed that the experts who played the virtual reality games posed more astonishing questions. They wanted to know why gamers tend to be so immersed in the video game and why they get absorbed in it. The gamers tended to be more focused, engaged and happy in real life.


Institute of Future’s researcher and game designer, Jane McGonigal urges the game designers to aim high and design games which can be used for solving scientific problems at hand. Puzzles have always been used for triggering memory and helping in remembering more.

Even though initially, games were considered to be addictive and a bad habit, the misconception is breaking down slowly. It is slowly being realised that video games do not promote escapism and make the players focused and more learned.


  • In 2011, an online puzzle game about the folding of protein was found named Foldit. The gamers tended to resolve the structure of Aids-like disease-causing enzyme in monkeys. He gamers resolved the enzyme structure in three weeks which the researchers couldn’t do in thirteen years. The aim of the game was to use the puzzle solving intuition of humans for playing competitively and fold proteins.
  • In 2012, Planet Hunters, as astronomy game, was introduced. The video gamers used it to found forty potential life-sustaining planets in the galaxy which were unnoticed by expert astronomers.


Our brains are accustomed to understanding patterns. Gaming helps a lot in solving new patterns. Scientists have now resorted to developing and designing new games that can help in bringing the youth forward for solving the scientific problems.

The games tend to provide a large platform for the gamers to use their brains in unknowingly solve various scientific issues. Games are the platform for bringing together the strong points of both- humans and computers. Playing is for relaxing purposes and when by playing scientific issues are solved, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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