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‘Hyperloop Hotel’ picks up on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transportation system and takes it a step ahead. His concept imagines hotels in 13 different American cities all connected by a Hyperloop system.

The idea behind Brandon Siebrecht’s Hyperloop hotel is combining flight, car and hotel into one complex but luxurious high-tech transit. This is an inventive and innovative solution to the 21st century’s hassled travelling. Brandon Siebrecht received Radical Innovation Award for his visionary hotel design. He is a graduate architect at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

His design is unique and is set apart from others by featuring a series of transportable rooms that are transported across the United States via the Hyperloop system i.e. through reduced pressure tubes.

The idea for the Hyperloop hotel was first pitched in 2013 by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. The aim was to build steel tubes across the United States for super fast functioning and creating a country-spanning subway networks.

The sole motto of Hyperloop is “Broadband for transportation”.

Siebrecht aspires to expand further into Europe and Asia even. The Hyperloop hotel is built to take the experience of travel to a new level altogether and it already creating ripples in the hotel industry. The revolutionary idea is proving to be a boon for the travellers who no longer need to buy expensive and individual tickets for each of their journeys or even book for their accommodation separately.

Hyperloop Hotel envisions transport between 13 cities seamlessly within a fee of $1200. Each hotel is supposed to have areas for bathing, sleeping, flex and living. Guests can travel multiple destinations in the single day.

Brandon’s concept managed to truly impress and take the jury of Radical Innovation by surprise. John Hardy, the CEO of The John Hardy Group and founder of Radical Innovation claim that the Hyperloop hotel has the ability to disrupt the lifestyle we have or the way we live beyond the industry of hotels.

Brandon Siebrecht has designed the rooms are purposeful, spacious shipping containers that are decked up with all the modern hotel luxuries. This enables covering multiple destinations in one day. The design is not only sustainable but also very well appointed. The estimated cost for one hotel is approximately $10 million for built and designed.

He got awarded by the Radical Innovation Team with $10,000 for conceptualising and developing his idea. The Hyperloop Hotel system is estimated to be running by 2020. Brandon is willing to share partnership with Tesla for developing his idea as an expansion or as a sub-brand of Hyperloop.

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