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Top 5 Tips To Recycle Waste Water Now! | DIY

Water is an important natural resource. While 70 percent of the earth is covered by water, only 2.5 percent accounts for fresh water while rest is saline and ocean-based water. Of which 1 percent is available with most of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields. Basically, 0.007 percent of water found on earth can be … Continue reading “Top 5 Tips To Recycle Waste Water Now! | DIY”

Make You Own Blooming Flower
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Make You Own Blooming Flower | DIY

Have you heard of the scientific occurrence ‘capillary action?’ You may have seen water pass through a straw or a glass tube or through paper or cloth towel or even tears moving through tear ducts against the gravitational force. How does this happen? Well! This phenomenon of water moving through or along another material against … Continue reading “Make You Own Blooming Flower | DIY”

water walk
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Let’s Make Water Walk | DIY

This intriguing scientific principal is going to show you how “capillary action” plays a role in helping the liquid rise and defy gravity in a narrow room. The fibre inside the tissue creates many small rooms which enable the water to travel inside. Thereby, the water moves from a cup with water to another cup … Continue reading “Let’s Make Water Walk | DIY”

Candle carousel
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Build You Own Candle Carousel | DIY

We’ve got a fun experiment for you. Have you ever sat on a merry-go round? If you are nodding a Yes then you are going to have loads of fun with this experiment. Did you know the heat from candles keeps rising above the cooler air? It’s true and science supports it. All you need … Continue reading “Build You Own Candle Carousel | DIY”

how to make a kaleidoscope
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How To Make A Kaleidoscope – Easy Steps | DIY

A Kaleidoscope works on the law of reflection and white light from VIBGYOR. Who doesn’t love a Kaleidoscope? It is what every child wants. It is colourful, with different shapes and you can play with it. What’s more Now you can even make your own Kaleidoscope. That’s right! Through this DIY video we are going … Continue reading “How To Make A Kaleidoscope – Easy Steps | DIY”

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