Back To School Tips For Parents

Going back to school is not only nerve-wracking for kids but also parents. This pandemic has changed the approach to study. Teachers strive to keep the sessions as interactive as possible; a few have formed silos and have been exploring tinkering in their garage. Some have even created models and paving the way ahead in this newfound normal. Yet parents’ concerns seem to keep growing.

Living with restrictions is one side of the coin but sending kids to schools is another. So many questions are clouding the minds of parents, and we are here to answer them.

1. How will I manage online school and office work?

This year may have been a push and pull struggle, but you made it through, keep up the great work. How about you start your day in an organised way? Having a morning routine is essential for the parent and child. You can set a process in place where your child engages in household chores. This will beat the morning blues and help to inculcate life skills in the child.

2. How do I get my child to do homework religiously?

Though children don’t enjoy homework; they need to complete it daily. You can set a fixed homework place for the kid in the same area as your work station. Fix 45 minutes of homework time, followed by 10 minutes of activity time. Children will look forward to the activity time while they complete their homework. Besides you can keep a check on them now and then. Use a timer to get the child accustomed to the new system.

3. How can I help my child get the most out of virtual classrooms?

Virtual learning can be tough on children. It requires kids to focus on the screen continually, and it’s challenging for teachers to monitor the whole class. First, create the atmosphere conducive for study. The television should be switched off during classroom sessions. This applies to phones as well. Ask your children to dress up and sit in front of the screen as they did for school. If your child is unwell, let her or him take the day off. Just because they are at home, doesn’t mean they should pull through. Timely break timings are essential for children.

4. How can I protect my child from a burnout?

Schedule some time together after work for about 2-3 times a week. Keep it flexible. There may be days you can talk it out or play puzzles or watch a movie together. This will help you and your child to break out of the rut of the everyday. Moreover, you would have created a safe space to express emotions respectably. If your child is young, she or he may need more of your time. This time spent will reassure your child of your presence.

5. Is it safe for my child to spend so much time online?

This question can lead to different answers depending on the age of the child. Firstly, the study desktop or laptop should be child-proofed. Social media access and games need to be locked and password protected. Teach the child some stretches and eye exercises so that stiffness doesn’t set in. Together with your child, you can keep fit too. Ensure the room is well lit. The best option would be to sit in a sunlit room else the closest to it. The screen light should be gentle on the child’s eyes, or you could invest in screen protective glasses.

We hope we’ve answered all your important questions that will help you prepare for school re-opening. If you have any questions that are still on your mind, we would love to answer them for you. Remember to take baby steps. In the end, we learn through experience. We hope these tips help in the smooth transition.