Solar tractor

Solar Tractor Slurry And Spraying Machine

Agriculture has remained as a centrepiece of the Indian economy. Though it is a main source of livelihood for a majority of Indian population, it still stands as a technologically backward sector. From production challenges to financial inefficiencies, Indian agriculture is plagued by several issues. Adoption of solar energy can be highly beneficial for the … Continue reading “Solar Tractor Slurry And Spraying Machine”

How to Use Agriculture Equipment for Multi-Purposes

India: Issues and Solution for Agriculture

One of the major causes of low income of the Indian farmers is the difficulty in marketing their crops. Due to the small size and scattered nature of agricultural holdings, the productivity per acre is low. Consequently, the collection of these surpluses for the purpose of marketing presents a severe problem. This uniquely created model … Continue reading “India: Issues and Solution for Agriculture”

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