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Robots to Help Army Fight Terror | Benefits Of Robots In Our Everyday Life

Most robots today are used in factories to build things like cars, candy bars, and electronics. The benefits of a robot have increased their flexibility by being capable of performing a variety of tasks and applications. They are precise and consistent than human workers. Student has impressed with her creative innovation, which is budget-friendly, and … Continue reading “Robots to Help Army Fight Terror | Benefits Of Robots In Our Everyday Life”

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Sensor Board Smart Stick for Visually Impaired Navigation!

Artificial Intelligence has been a lot of help in the day-to-day life. This young boy innovated a smart stick for the visually impaired people that can help them detect obstacles. This stick will alert visually impaired people if there’s a high alert ahead. It also has multiple sensors that will the person accordingly. It’s a … Continue reading “Sensor Board Smart Stick for Visually Impaired Navigation!”

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10 Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Is Slowly Taking Over The World Artificial Intelligence seemed like a distant dream 10 years ago. Today the onset of Amazon’s Alexa, chatbots, voice search etc are signs that the future is here. The invention of robots, automated cars and even chef less kitchens in countries like China and Japan have given us … Continue reading “10 Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence”

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Know About Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach

Globalization has led to advancement in all sectors. Technology is in a commanding position in all fields, and human efforts are reduced due to Artificial Intelligence, a modern approach to technology. As per the father of Artificial Intelligence, John McCarthy Artificial Intelligence is the engineering and science behind developing intelligent machines, unusually smart computer programs. … Continue reading “Know About Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach”


According to the sources, a new center at MIT can lead to advancement of artificial intelligence along with establishing IBM as the leader in the field. Artificial intelligence is the need of the hour. Everyone today is transfixed about machines performing various tasks while giving human suggestions.

Facebook Forced To Shut AI System After It Invented Its Own language

Predictions made by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak, appear to take the shape of reality, judging by the incident that happened recently at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) Lab.

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