Traffic Controller

Density Based Traffic Controller

Traffic jams are a major challenge faced by commuters. This leads to stress, air pollution, wastage of petrol, etc. The traditional systems installed at signals have predefined halting criteria of 2 minutes, which adds to the traffic on an already jammed road. This student has come up with an idea to set the halting time, … Continue reading “Density Based Traffic Controller”

Smoke Absorber – Improves Air Quality

The household and industrial sectors have contributed to the increasing amount of air pollution. Watch the air cleaning device created by a student that curbs the pollution and related risks. The device consists of a box, exit fan, pipes, wire, net, etc.

Air Pollution Treatment Plants

Effluent and Air Pollution Treatment Plants

In the 2019 survey, 21 out of 30 cities in India were recorded as the most polluted cities in the world. These students have created a device to purify the air and water pollutants, thereby preventing health problems. Watch the video to know more.

vehicle pollution signal

Vehicle Pollution Signal | Avoid Air Pollution

One of the leading causes of air pollution is traffic. During rush hours the roads are jammed for hours that lead to an increase in vehicle emissions that poses a health risk. This project showcases a method to mitigate risk for on and near road population. It makes use of an exhaust fan to reduce … Continue reading “Vehicle Pollution Signal | Avoid Air Pollution”


Process to Prepare Alkaline Water for Domestic Application

The rising level of water pollution has increased acid concentration in water sources, making it unsafe for consumption. This student has performed a 12-hour study to understand the pH level of the two water types. As the pH level of water reflects the proportion of acidity, the result demonstrates alkaline water to be relatively safer … Continue reading “Process to Prepare Alkaline Water for Domestic Application”

Reduce Air pollution

Pollution-Free Unit To Reduce Air Pollution

The exhaust fan installed in it uses a motor to turn its blades which function to pull the air out of the space. Wet strength, porosity, particle retention and volumetric flow rate are the parameters of the filter paper which are useful in this process. Using the three components in the purifier model, the air … Continue reading “Pollution-Free Unit To Reduce Air Pollution”

Avoid Air pollution

Non-Polluting And Accident Avoiding Car For A Pollution Free Future

Cars have increased the level of air and noise pollution in cities, causing more humans to suffer from respiratory problems, heart diseases or cancer. Owning a car is not only expensive but also something that requires additional costs to maintain and repair it. Apart from that, the numbers of car accidents are on the rise … Continue reading “Non-Polluting And Accident Avoiding Car For A Pollution Free Future”

Avoid Air pollution

Smog Heating Buildings and Pavements: Avoid Air Pollution

Smog is a name coined for the mixture of smoke and fog in the air. It is a visible kind of air pollution. It comprises of hazardous gases. These gases enter the air due to burning of fuels and certain carbon emissions. Hence, they severely contribute to air pollution. This poses a serious threat to … Continue reading “Smog Heating Buildings and Pavements: Avoid Air Pollution”

Green Village

Check out These Creative Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly!

Any undesirable change in the earth’s environment that is harmful to humans and other biological species is called pollution. The accumulation and improper disposal of waste are one of the most important causes of pollution. There is a rapid increase in pollution of land, water, air, and noise resulting in degradation of the environment that … Continue reading “Check out These Creative Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly!”

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