Railway Track Safety System

Railway Track Safety System To Avoid Fatalities

Here’s an automated detection device which can be an essential technique for the identification of railway faults since conventional techniques are not adequately qualified to comply with the characteristics of this application. This video will demonstrate the working of the device. It operates on an ultrasonic monitor, a buzzer and a wireless transmitter attached to … Continue reading “Railway Track Safety System To Avoid Fatalities”

Avoid Train Accidents

Implement This Model For Glitch-Free Travel

Several reasons cause train accidents, including overcrowding and fracture in the railway line. A collision with another object can cause the derailment of a train. Even Broken rails or mechanical failure of the wheels can cause derailment of a train. According to the Indian Railways, 47 percent of the train accidents are due to derailment … Continue reading “Implement This Model For Glitch-Free Travel”

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