Geophysicist: If Your Geography is Good, Try Out A Career As A Geophysicist! Find Out How!

Geophysicist: Career Path that’s Unknown! Check Out

To become a geophysicist, you need to be sure if this career path is right for you. You’ll need to have a keen interest in the field to study the structure and composition of earth. You’ll also need to have a natural aptitude in science and maths, and advanced education in geology and physics. A … Continue reading “Geophysicist: Career Path that’s Unknown! Check Out”


Know Why Should You Major as Geophysicists!

Geophysicists take readings and measurements of features and anomalies and find at various elevations to create a 3D map for use by researchers and decision-makers. This is great a career choice for people who’ve always wanted to help people and make a difference. An area of scope awaits for you! Check out the video to … Continue reading “Know Why Should You Major as Geophysicists!”

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