Eco-friendly home

Go Green, Go Eco-Friendly: Lead The Scene And Keep It Green

In the modern city, we do not get an environment like a village. Greater energy efficiency- The obvious benefits of eco-friendly homes is they are more energy-efficient than traditional properties. By using natural and/or renewable resources to convert and store energy. Homeowners can reduce their consumption of non-renewable energy sources that contribute to greenhouse gases. … Continue reading “Go Green, Go Eco-Friendly: Lead The Scene And Keep It Green”

Offering Eco friendly products by the use of Water hyacinth.

Components of the environment always have some value to offer, whether in its live or dead state. The student of Manipur has found yet another component of environment i.e.Water hyacinth, that has ecofriendly, pollution free byproducts for us to use. All you need to do, to know them is watch this interesting video.

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