Get to know how to make science projects and inspire students to do their best. Here is the information on waste management, don’t forget to watch!

magnetic levitation

Tunnel and Magnetic Levitation – Avoid Road Accidents

India represents one of the world’s largest rising economies. While public transport is easily accessible in India, it’s still not adequate for the population of India. Road traffic accidents have risen over decades due to the network of threats in an unkind environment for the easy-going person. Raising traffic and its disruptions have inspired Muskaan … Continue reading “Tunnel and Magnetic Levitation – Avoid Road Accidents”

Hydraulic Hex Excavator

Multi-Taking Hydraulic Hex Excavator

Spider Man is not the only thing that is inspired from the reptiles, this student have worked up an interesting model for the real life world keeping in mind the traits from the same.Watch this intresting yet extraordinary idea unfold!

e waste management

Smart electric waste segregation unit for municipal cooperation

To the cooperation that we owe for helping to keep the cities clean, this students wish to return the favour by their smart waste seggregator machines. Watch the video to see how it is not the duty of them to clean the dirt that we people do but it is a act we all contribute … Continue reading “Smart electric waste segregation unit for municipal cooperation”

Electricity through water crisis

It is a common saying that kill two birds with one stone. This very saying is what makes this model of curating the problem of water crisis and generating electricity combined in one. Do watch this interesting video.

Clean Ganga – Just Learning

I Am From There Too.. “Where flows the ..Ganga, I am from there too, By its banks I gaze at stars and the moon too You see I am no different from any of you If you know what I say, gaze at the stars too The moon will shine the same on me and … Continue reading “Clean Ganga – Just Learning”

Hyperloop model

world’s first hyperloop?Indian route promises Mumbai to Pune in 25 minutes. Before we the plan coming to action, we all must be curious to know about what exactly is it? This model by the student will throw away all your doubts and misconception. Watch the video for the same.

maths garden

Mathematical Garden

Let’s take a stroll along the natural surrounding, feel the breeze, listen the birds chirping and learn some mathematical concepts along the way! Wait what, maths? Yes, this dynamic idea of mathematical garden is surely a must watch.

Unique Road Transformation Model

With different types of vehicles on road, there is always some acccidents taking place here and there. Taking that into consideration, these students have come up with an amazing idea to prevent the road accidents. DO WATCH THE VIDEO LINED UP FOR THE SAME.

Prevention from electric shock

As much as the electricity have made our life easier, the threats it posses are also there. So, starting off with preventing the electric shock, the teachers have come up with the solution on the same. Watch to know more.


Planet – Indian Mars Mission

RED PLANET Mars, identified after the Roman god of war, has long been an indicator in the evening sky and in its own manner, the rusty red atmosphere of the earth reveals the tale of death. Did you know Mars has two tiny satellites circling very close to the earth, Phobos and Deimos. They may … Continue reading “Planet – Indian Mars Mission”


During the cold war, countries had stocked up nuclear weapons in their inventories to safeguard themselves against any war. But after the war period ended, peace was established. In the present time, with an increase in the rate of terrorism, the world has become increasingly worried about the onset of a nuclear war.

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