Properties Of A Circle

Properties Of A Circle

Circles look like a simple shape but there are so many inventions that have followed the understanding of a circle. Do you know everything there is to know about a circle? Watch this video and listen to this teacher explain it to you.

Application Of Integers To Real Life

Application Of Integers To Real Life

Do you enjoy solving mathematical problem? Well, let’s begin with the basics. What are 5, -7, 0 called? If you are straining your mind and trying to find the answer, quickly watch this video and you will figure it out.

Academic Games and Mathematical Replica: Activity Based Learning

Play-way methods help learn maths effectively and stimulate the brain. Many students avoid or fear maths. Would you want to learn mathematics while playing? Let’s watch the video to know how.

Euclid Model for geometrical shapes and their properties

This Brilliant Method Will Make Your Maths Learning Easy

Welcome the shapes and all its properties in much more interesting ways. Learn the art of problem-solving! Maths is no big rocket science if you understand the concept well. These young students will surely make your geometry lessons easier with their mathematical model for figures and their properties. Let’s dive into maths!

multipurpose mathematical model

Know Everything About Multipurpose Mathematical Model!

Mathematical modeling plays an increasingly important role in connecting with the management. Mathematics is a science of all sciences and are of all arts! These creative geniuses have come up with making maths easier and understandable to all the students. Let’s dive in the video to know more!

Learning maths is easy with just a click away - Thumbnail (website)

Learning maths is easy with just a click away!

Maths is a cool subject to understand if you understand the concepts clear and better. No teaching tools, digital models, or any other expensive equipment to understand maths is required! Here’s how this student opens us to learning maths with simple sticks and cardboard. Let’s dive into the world of maths.

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