Learn Mathematics in fun ways

Make Mathematics Easy In Few Steps! Learn How!

Many students find maths as a difficult subject because it has a lot of difficult calculations. Long calculations takes a lot time to be solved. To overcome this and save time shortcuts are used in maths. Shortcuts are simple way or trick through which bigger problems get solved easily. Advantages: Math can be difficult for … Continue reading “Make Mathematics Easy In Few Steps! Learn How!”

MUST READ!! Now Math Gets For Kids By Fun Learning In Your School Garden!!

Mathematics Gets Easy For Students! How? Read On The Geometrical Insights!

Any technology retains a degree of fluidity in its conception, shaped not just by its designers but by its subsequent users. This chapter applies this perspective to one form of software which has attracted particular attention in mathematics teaching: dynamic geometry. Drawing on a study conducted in professionally well-regarded mathematics departments in English secondary schools, … Continue reading “Mathematics Gets Easy For Students! How? Read On The Geometrical Insights!”

Mathematical model of learning

No Teaching Tools, digital models or any other expensive equipment to understand maths. Here is how this student opens us to learning maths with simple sticks and cardboard. Watch the video for the same.

maths garden

Mathematical Garden

Let’s take a stroll along the natural surrounding, feel the breeze, listen the birds chirping and learn some mathematical concepts along the way! Wait what, maths? Yes, this dynamic idea of mathematical garden is surely a must watch.

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