Educational Aid For Constructivism

Do you find maths principles difficult to learn? Watch this video to create an educational game board and improve your maths skills.

Janhavi Kadam Teaching Maths in funy way

Learn Maths In The Funny Way | Mathematician Janhavi Kadam

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. Here is a teacher, who has made learning extremely easy for her students, using fun methods. Meet Janhavi Kadam, who teaches Maths at New Oxford Public School, Mumbai.

G. I. C. Rudrapur , Uttarakhand

Let’s Find out This Students Creativity to Make Your Maths Learning Easy!

Maths is fun and easy-to-understand! But it can also get complicated and boring if we don’t make it enjoyable. Let’s make your maths learning session easy peasy! Interesting too!! Woahh! Isn’t maths a cool subject? Let’s find out.

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