Division Machine

Division Machine Helps Make Maths a Child’s Play

Division is often considered the most difficult of the four main arithmetic functions. Not anymore! This student has come up with a project that demonstrates a fun learning method to keep you engaged and simplify divisions. Watch the video to know how.

Learn Trigonometric Ratio

Tips to Learn Trigonometric Ratios

Boost your trigonometry preparation with these simple tips. The video explains how we can use our hands to remember and solve trigonometric ratio formulas like sin, cos, tan, cosec, sec, etc. Watch now, it’s just a click away.

Techno Merry Go Round

Techno Merry Go Round – Science Exhibition

This teacher has introduced a playground merry-go-round to this class. Watch this video on an educational game board that blends creativity and technology to teach mathematics in a fun way. Just Learning is where you can find innovative science projects. If you have created an amazing invention and want to showcase it to the world … Continue reading “Techno Merry Go Round – Science Exhibition”

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