Mathematics Can Now Be A Child’s Best Friend!

Having Math ‘Problems’? Here Are Simple Ways To Learn The New Techniques!

A divisibility rule is a shorthand way of determining whether a given integer is divisible by a fixed divisor without performing the division, usually by examining its digits. Although there are divisibility tests for numbers in any radix, or base, and they are all different, this article presents rules and examples only for decimal, or … Continue reading “Having Math ‘Problems’? Here Are Simple Ways To Learn The New Techniques!”

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Don’t let maths be tricky with these worry-free model

Some of the most fundamental concepts start with mathematical knowledge. Maths can be tricky if not explained in the right manner. So, this model will make students’ life much comfortable. Let’s dive into the video to clear fundamental concepts right.

Mathematics in different ways

As many students are afraid of mathematics and run away from it because of the fear. These students can be taught to come out of this fear zone, if we teach them using innovative ways to boost their confidence and help them understand mathematics in better way.

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