Scan Micro-Organisms with Microscope Mobile Phone

A Microscope Mobile Phone Can Scan Micro-Organisms…Find Out!

Building a microscope with your phone is a no brainer project that is a do-it-yourself science experiment. Imagine you go for a hike in the woods and see something interesting that you want to share with your friends. You would certainly want to take a picture with your cell phone and share it with them! … Continue reading “A Microscope Mobile Phone Can Scan Micro-Organisms…Find Out!”

Mobile Microscope

Since ‘Mobile Microscope’ is a hybrid version of an electron and compound microscopes, hence it is better than traditional microscopes. Image of microorganism can be captured, projected, and recorded on any screen. Let’s read more! To know more, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Like, share, and comment on Facebook and Instagram.

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