Army Shoes

Army Shoes – A Safety Device

The Indian Army guards and protects the citizens from enemy nations. It’s time to protect the brave soldiers too. This model will serve as a barrier between the army and dangerous dynamites. Let’s watch the video for more details.

Piezoelectric Shoes

Piezoelectric Shoes to Charge Mobile Phones…Find Out How!

‘Walk and Talk’ With the New Piezoelectric Shoes You must have heard of the new piezoelectric shoes that can be used to charge your mobile phones as you walk. So what are piezoelectric shoes and how can they use to charge mobile phones? While walking, a certain amount of pressure is exerted on the ground. … Continue reading “Piezoelectric Shoes to Charge Mobile Phones…Find Out How!”

Multi-purpose shoes websit

Exclusive: Find the Best Multi-Purpose Shoes

Did you now that walking can produce #electricity and light as well? This unique multipurpose shoes created by this genius boy is a fantastic #idea to generate electricity and help soldiers. It also saves power and makes the best use of the latest technology that’s going around. The video unfolds all the answers to the … Continue reading “Exclusive: Find the Best Multi-Purpose Shoes”

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