Become a Neurologist

Become a Neurologist: Exploring The Hardware Of The Human Mind…Find Out!

The study of the human mind has long fascinated scientists and healers throughout the ages. From Plato’s Allegory of the Cave to modern neurological studies, we have long pursued a greater understanding of the complicated hardware and intricate programming of our brains. Neurology is the branch of biology or medicine that deals the diagnosis and … Continue reading “Become a Neurologist: Exploring The Hardware Of The Human Mind…Find Out!”


Hominization or human evolution is the process through which the humans have evolved into the being that they are today from the ancient times. There are various scientific disciplines including embryology, genetics, primatology, neurobiology, linguistics, ethnology, palaeontology, physical anthropology etc. that helps in shaping up the study of human evolution.


Human brain is amazing in nature since it provides us with power to speak, think and solve our problems. The brain is made up of more than 100 billion nerve cells which are known as neurons. Likes wires in a computer transmit electrochemical signals, same way, the neurons gather the information and transmit the electrochemical signals.

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