Smart Farming Using Sponge

Have you heard about sponge farming? A sponge has a great capacity to hold water. Sponge farming is a simple process. Anyone can plant, maintain and harvest sponge crops. Watch this video to learn the procedures and benefits of starting your commercial sponge farm. Just Learning is where you can find innovative science projects. If … Continue reading “Smart Farming Using Sponge”

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Hydroponic Farming: A Healthy Farming Approach

The job of a farmer has multiple health risks because they are exposed to fertilizers and pesticides with harmful chemicals in it. This project looks at a solution for this which is hydroponic farming. Hydroponic farming is done using PVC a.k.a. polyvinyl chloride (a common replacement for metal) pipes. The nutrient-rich solution reaches the PVC … Continue reading “Hydroponic Farming: A Healthy Farming Approach”