Smoke Absorber

Smoke Absorber For Purifying Air Indoors

Equipment that creates harmful fumes for long periods of time will always run the risk of causing problems to your respiratory system. Thankfully there is an invention that can purify the air indoors to protect you and your family. Watch this video to know more!

Wood Carrier To Lighten The Weight

A Wood Carrier To Lighten The Weight

Rural women daily perform several physically demanding tasks. Manually collecting wood for households poses a risk of wounds or injuries. This device can simplify and ease the wood collecting task. Watch this video, to know more about this innovation, designed by a young student.

Electricity generation method

Combination Of Electricity Generation through Speed Breakers And An Accident Buzzer

Energy from moving vehicles, Electric power sensor, Emergency contact connections and more. All these interesting topics covered in just one video. Watch it now and learn about these amazing features.

Generation of Fuel from Waste Plastic

Generation of Fuel from Waste Plastic

Plastic is a non-degradable material that affects millions of animals and marine life every year. Watch the video about an economical solution to reduce the mounting quantity of plastic waste and prevent environmental damage.

One Plant Thousand Sapling

One Plant, Thousand Saplings

Have you heard about tissue-culture? It is a fast and effective technique to grow many plants from single plant tissue. Watch this video to know more about this technique that helps to grow plants throughout the year.

Multipurpose Agriculture Tool

Multipurpose Agriculture Tool

Agricultural tasks are tedious and time-consuming. This multi-functional and handy tool reduces farmers’ workload. Watch the video to know about the assembling and the purposes of the various tools.

Smart City

Creating a ‘Smart City’ with Metro, Bike Ambulances & Swimming Bus

National Smart Cities Mission is an urban renewal and retrofitting program by the Government of India, with the mission to develop smart cities across the country, making them citizen friendly and sustainable. Here’s a look at a student project on Smart City that can help build energy-efficient systems that will help heal the world.

Recycles Thermocol

A Coating System That Recycles Thermocol to Prepare a Strong Adhesive

Thermocol is a type of polystyrene used for packaging. After use it is thrown away as “waste plastic”, which can cause health problems like heart disease, respiratory ailments, rashes, nausea or headache. However, we can create an eco-friendly adhesive from the same material, like what these students from Maharashtra have done. JustLearning is where you … Continue reading “A Coating System That Recycles Thermocol to Prepare a Strong Adhesive”

Automatic Wheel Chair: Suitable For People With Visual/Hearing Impairment

Traditional manual wheelchairs can make it difficult for people to independently move around. The person needs to exert a lot of effort to move ahead or behind. In fact, a person who is visually impaired doesn’t opt for a wheelchair. But this innovation challenges this constraint. Deep dive into the video to know more!

wastewater management

Wastewater Treatment – New Innovative Technology | School Project

This process uses biochemical oxidation to remove the layer of dangerous chemicals from the river. Biological oxidation means the combination of oxidation-reduction transformations of substances in living organisms. Oxidation-reduction reactions are those which take place with a change in the oxidation state of atoms through the redistribution of electrons between them. Just Learning is science … Continue reading “Wastewater Treatment – New Innovative Technology | School Project”

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