Curb Vehicle Pollution

Curb Vehicle Pollution | Avoid Air Pollution

Air pollution reduces the quality of life. It shortens the global life expectancy by almost 3 years, on average. This student has come up with a model that reuses natural ingredients to reduce air pollution to a drastic level. Watch this video to know how!

Eco-friendly toothbrush

An Innovative School Project to Create an Eco-friendly Toothbrush

Reducing plastic usage is a crucial step to safeguard the environment. Plastic toothbrushes are single-use plastics. It is incredibly challenging to recycle these toothbrushes. These students share a method to produce toothbrushes out of coconut and wood. This toothbrush is a great option as it is natural and degradable.

Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

Green Crackers Reduce Air and Noise Pollution

In India, almost every celebration begins with crackers. In fact Diwali is known as the festival of lights, during which loads of crackers are lit for several days. The air pollution and noise pollution caused by these conventional crackers affects the environment as well as harms the respiratory system. This student has a solution to … Continue reading “Green Crackers Reduce Air and Noise Pollution”

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