UBTech launches UV light disinfecting robots

UBTech is the massively funded Chinese robotics company you’ve (probably) never heard of. If you’re familiar at all with the brand here in the states, it’s likely for its STEM or other robotic toys, including a Star Wars Storm Trooper robot from a few years back (my own first exposure to the company). But with around $940 million … Continue reading “UBTech launches UV light disinfecting robots”

Robot Cleaning Your Floor

Smart Cleaner: Cleaning Just Got Simpler And Smarter With This Robotic Bluetooth Cleaner

The advancements made in technology of robotics have made life of mankind very much easier and comfortable. In recent years, robots have been used for various cleaning purposes. Robots have various cleaning expertise like mopping, picking up the waste, wet floor cleaning, dry vacuum cleaning etc. How does it work? Smart floor cleaning robot has … Continue reading “Smart Cleaner: Cleaning Just Got Simpler And Smarter With This Robotic Bluetooth Cleaner”

A Line Following Robot: A Solution to Reduce Human Effort…Find Out How!

A Line Following Robot: A Solution to Reduce Human Effort…Find Out How!

Humans are progressing towards an era of digital solutions where manual tasks that require less intelligence and more of physical strength are replaced by machines. All mundane tasks can now be automated and human skills can be utilized into improving the standard of living, scientific improvements, doing cognitive or psychological tasks or finer arts or … Continue reading “A Line Following Robot: A Solution to Reduce Human Effort…Find Out How!”

Amazing!!Robo-Guards, Strike On Terrorism…

Amazing!!Robo-Guards, Strike On Terrorism…

The world of robotics is growing rapidly. Since everything is turning automatic, human has turned towards the building of robots for a better and more comfortable but lazy lifestyle. Nevertheless, robotics has led to massive development in the industrial and production field. To fill the stomachs of the largest democracy, India sure needs to bend … Continue reading “Amazing!!Robo-Guards, Strike On Terrorism…”

Toll Tax Detector

“An initiative is not an individual effort but small contribution from all.” This 15 year old girl really have contributed her part by her innovative idea of Toll Tax Detector to eradicate corruption.

Digital And Technological Solution – The black line following Robot

Obstacle are sudden and unprogrmmed. Robots being controlled and pre programmed, obstacles does prove them ineffective. Although many scientist and technicians are working to develop a robot as compatable as human, these small game changers bring to us a way to break through and make the world digitally and technologically advance.


Robotic exosuits provide accuracy in handling minute parts which cannot be handled by humans efficiently.

The Use of Robots to Kill the Invasive Species

The Terminator robots may look similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger than Steve Irwin. However, the latest tool in battling the prolific crown-of-thorns starfish plaguing the Great Barrier Reef is the COTSbot. It is an autonomous machine that injects the invasive creatures with poison. The robot will be tested over the next few months in Australia. Research … Continue reading “The Use of Robots to Kill the Invasive Species”


Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with the conception, design, manufacture and the operation of robots. This field of science correlates with the other fields of science like electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and bioengineering etc.