non electric churner

A Non-Electric Curd Churner – Curd Churning Method Science Model

Churning is a method of stirring cream or whole milk to produce curd, usually by using a food churn. Across many regions, women use electrical churning devices that consume a lot of electricity, are inefficient and can’t be used during power cuts. Whereas the tool developed by this student is much better than the ordinary churning machine, since … Continue reading “A Non-Electric Curd Churner – Curd Churning Method Science Model”

Mumbai - Converting energy in motor vehicles

Electricity Sector in India: Problem Solved

The country’s installed power generating capacity of 334.4 gigawatts as of January 2018, which makes it the world’s fifth-largest country. Over the last 5 years, India put up 99.21 GW of additional capacity. 91. 73 GW came from thermal sources, 5.48 GW from hydro, and 2 GW from nuclear sources. 99.92 percent of villages in … Continue reading “Electricity Sector in India: Problem Solved”

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