Multi purposes Bi-directional Counter as well as Energy saver

Automatic Bi-Directional Counter Visitor Counter! Find Out

Bi-directional Counter: In digital logic and computing, a counter is a device which stores the number of times. A particular event or process has occurred, often in relationship to a clock. Bidirectional counters, also known as Up/Down counters, are capable of counting. In either direction through any given count sequence. They can be reversed at … Continue reading “Automatic Bi-Directional Counter Visitor Counter! Find Out”

New source of electricity buffalo urine Thumbnail (website)

These students tell why saving electricity is essential!

Did you know buffalo urine can be used to generate electricity? Well, Isn’t that interesting? It’s one of the renewable and sustainable energies that can be used to generate energy. This saves electricity so bravo to the students who have taken the efforts to come up with an innovative idea called ‘New Source of Electricity … Continue reading “These students tell why saving electricity is essential!”

Solar Smart City

We can make smart cities with solar panels to generate electricity. And use them for many purposes such as cold storage, medicals, libraries, etc.

Street Light Power Conservation

If we set timers to all our street lights , we can save a lot of energy by switching them ON when required and switch OFF when unnecessary.


Nanotechnology can be defined as a branch of science in which we study about the matter at molecular, atomic, and supramolecular level.

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