Makes Air Breathable

Smoke Absorber – Makes Air Breathable

Cooking is one of the reasons why many women suffer from asthma. Watch this video to know about a device that improves indoor air quality and prevents respiratory problems.

Automatic Irrigation System

An Automatic Irrigation System Using Soil Moisture Sensor

This project involves a moisture-sensing automated irrigation device for crops. The machine tests the soil moisture content using the soil moisture sensor and turns on the pump whenever the moisture level is low. If the moisture level increases above the stated amount, the pump is turned off automatically. To get to know all about this … Continue reading “An Automatic Irrigation System Using Soil Moisture Sensor”

Adjustable Blackboard

An Adjustable Blackboard – Innovative Science Model

The blackboard is an important educational aid. Being set at a certain height it restricts short and handicapped people to make the most of it. To solve this issue, this student has come up with an adjustable board. The model consists of a blackboard, adjusting panels and a lock.

Green Village

Check out These Creative Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly!

Any undesirable change in the earth’s environment that is harmful to humans and other biological species is called pollution. The accumulation and improper disposal of waste are one of the most important causes of pollution. There is a rapid increase in pollution of land, water, air, and noise resulting in degradation of the environment that … Continue reading “Check out These Creative Ways to Become Environmentally Friendly!”

Sensor Board Smart Stick for Visually Impaired Navigation! Find Out

Since floor cleaners are becoming expensive day-by-day, this model comes to the rescue. Floor Cleaner’ is a budget-friendly model that can come handy for all emergencies. This innovation will help you understand the model better. Let’s see this exciting model, and it’s working ways.

Fountain Machine for Agriculture Use

There’s a rapid increase in death rate due to chemicals spilling in the agricultural chemical industry. This project is designed in a well-articulated way. It will help the agriculturalist to avoid death toll in future. Watch out this video and know how brilliant this innovation is.

Hair & Care Mat

A special eco-friendly mat innovated to reuse the waste hair thrown in the rivers and oceans. This is called ‘Hair & Care Mat.’ This mat also helps reuse the hair and also keeps the rivers and oceans clean. To know more, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Like, share, and comment on Facebook and Instagram.

House Of Digit

Well all know maths can be really tricky! To make your tricky maths learning comfortable this project ‘House of Digit’ was initiated. This project helps the class 6 and class 7 to understand the subject better and well calculated in the future. Now, you can learn maths with no fear. Know how this project works … Continue reading “House Of Digit”

Hydraulic Bridge

A Hydraulic bridge is easy-to-go and can easily be accessible to everyone. The hydraulic bridge has four advantages! It can quickly start, stop, speed up, and slow down. This brilliant innovation can help everyone in so many ways. Woah! You should watch the video to know more about this innovative model.

Labour Trolly

Farmers and industrial workers are rapidly increasing in India, and this project in innovated, keeping the farmers and industrial workers in mind. It’s called ‘Labour Trolly.’ What’s unique about this model? It’s easy for the workers to charge their mobile phones and facilities like light are inculcated as well. In case the workload increases, then … Continue reading “Labour Trolly”

Low-Cost Infant Warmer

‘Low-cost infant warmer’ was innovated, keeping in mind the conditions in rural areas. This will help infants warm and healthy. It’s easy to use and readily available if needed! Let’s read on to know more. To know more, subscribe to our YouTube channel! Like, share, and comment on Facebook and Instagram.


Yes! You heard that right manhole can now be turned into a ‘safehole.’ Well, how? These students have created a great way to escape manhole and make it safer for people to use. This project will reduce danger and increase safehole in many cities and states. Let’s see how! To know more, subscribe to our … Continue reading “Manhole”

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