Weed Cutter Boat

Hi-Tech Weed Cutter Boat

Aquatic weeds are unwanted and undesirable vegetation present in the water. Weeds grow rapidly and choke the water body, obstructing sunlight and nutrients. Thereby, posing a threat to aquatic life. This student has created a boat-shaped machine that cuts the weed underwater with blades and collects the waste material through a conveyor belt. This machine … Continue reading “Hi-Tech Weed Cutter Boat”

Pollution Less Transport System

Pollution Less Transport System

Lets do some some transporation pool such that not only do we reduce pollution but use a vehicle that is pollution free as well.Yes! That is possible and see through this video on knowing how.

Math Tricks – Mathematical Problem Solving Model

Playing with numbers like you play with your toys is not every child’s cup of tea. However. it is not necessary that you have to hate Math and stress over it so much. Well because now Math can be your best-friend! Yes, it can be! This Multipurpose Mathematical model created by these wonder girls make … Continue reading “Math Tricks – Mathematical Problem Solving Model”

Pollution control transportation system

With the increase in the vehicles over the years, pollution has taken a spree. To say that switching to public transport have not been effective so far.Therefore, the student have come up with a most sustainable and useable idea to reduce the pollution with the continuation of using the vehicles.

magnetic levitation

Tunnel and Magnetic Levitation – Avoid Road Accidents

India represents one of the world’s largest rising economies. While public transport is easily accessible in India, it’s still not adequate for the population of India. Road traffic accidents have risen over decades due to the network of threats in an unkind environment for the easy-going person. Raising traffic and its disruptions have inspired Muskaan … Continue reading “Tunnel and Magnetic Levitation – Avoid Road Accidents”

Offering Eco friendly products by the use of Water hyacinth.

Components of the environment always have some value to offer, whether in its live or dead state. The student of Manipur has found yet another component of environment i.e.Water hyacinth, that has ecofriendly, pollution free byproducts for us to use. All you need to do, to know them is watch this interesting video.

Mathematical model of learning

No Teaching Tools, digital models or any other expensive equipment to understand maths. Here is how this student opens us to learning maths with simple sticks and cardboard. Watch the video for the same.

Recycling Plastic Waste

About 90.5% of plastic has never been recycled according to a U.N. report released last year. To make a change in the scenario, this Indian student has come up with this innovative idea that works wonders in recycling plastic waste, along with ensuring the dissolution of the harmful gases as aftermath. View the video for … Continue reading “Recycling Plastic Waste”

siphon model

Effective Bell Siphon model to carry off waterlogging and prevent crop failure during the floods

The government is always blamed for various water related problems like water drainage but have we taken the initiative to solve such problems? Well, It’s time for us buck up and start resolving these minor issues. This little girl took up the initiative to curate the problems of water logging and crop failure due to … Continue reading “Effective Bell Siphon model to carry off waterlogging and prevent crop failure during the floods”

Hydraulic Hex Excavator

Multi-Taking Hydraulic Hex Excavator

Spider Man is not the only thing that is inspired from the reptiles, this student have worked up an interesting model for the real life world keeping in mind the traits from the same.Watch this intresting yet extraordinary idea unfold!

Alcohol Detector Car Safety Model

India way behind 2020 target, road accidents still kill over lakh a year.Alcohol and parties have become so trendy that we often care less to the risk we put to our lives. This model by the students showcase the safety model that will not only will prevent risks but ensure that we don’t get into … Continue reading “Alcohol Detector Car Safety Model”

Sahaj Raksha Pad

Sahaja Raksha Pads (Eco-Friendly)

When one talks about wellness, there appears to be a strong emphasis on what we bring in and around our body from the food and water we intake to what we wear around our bodies but when was the last instance you thought about what pads you used? Girls happen o use sanitary pads every … Continue reading “Sahaja Raksha Pads (Eco-Friendly)”

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