Thermocol reuse

Thermo Magic – Reduce and Reuse

Thermocol after use is usually discarded that affects the planet negatively. Thermocol waste can affect agricultural productivity if mixed with soil. Also, if eaten by cattle it can threaten their life. Watch this video to find out about ‘the best out of waste solution’ innovated by these students.

Electricity Generation Through Waste Water

Electricity Generation Through Waste Water

The treatment of domestic sewage provides increased opportunities for energy conservation and recovery of nutrients. Therefore, this student has come up with a project that uses waste treatment technology. The model is made up of a storage tank, pipes, turbine, blades, etc. This model tackles environmental and economic issues. Just Learning is where you can … Continue reading “Electricity Generation Through Waste Water”

Perfect Onion Storage

Perfect Onion Storage – Science Exhibition Model

Onions are the main ingredient in most dishes. While onions are grown is plenty, most of the produce is wasted due to spoilage. India is the second largest supplier of onions. Yet, modern technologies have not been implemented to sustain the life of the onions. These students have come up with a solution to reduce … Continue reading “Perfect Onion Storage – Science Exhibition Model”

Agriculture Robotic

Agriculture Robotic Vehicle Based Pesticide Sprayer for Farmer Safety

In India, near about 70% people are dependent upon agriculture. So the agriculture system in India should be advanced to reduce the efforts of farmers. Many farmers have suffered from a toxic chemical exposure after spraying pesticide on the crop. This student invention proposes to make a robot for spraying pesticide on farm to reduce … Continue reading “Agriculture Robotic Vehicle Based Pesticide Sprayer for Farmer Safety”

Energy Conservation

Solar Powered Automatic Traffic Light Controller for Energy Conservation

Solar energy is one of the major renewable sources. With rising energy prices, energy conservation is becoming more important. This is where this solar powered traffic system design comes into play. Monitoring of traffic lights is important both to save energy as well as to reduce accidents. Taking cue from this, this student from Pandharpur, … Continue reading “Solar Powered Automatic Traffic Light Controller for Energy Conservation”

Extracting Melanin

Extracting Melanin From Human Hair Waste For Making Ink Or Paint

Ink and paint are made out of substances that have harmful after effects on the environment. Hence, safer resources are needed. This project finds safer resources through human hair waste. This project makes use of a magnetic stirrer and linseed oil. A magnetic stirrer is a research centre gadget that utilizes a pivoting attractive field … Continue reading “Extracting Melanin From Human Hair Waste For Making Ink Or Paint”

PS111 - The Future Of Farming

PS111 – Based On Solar System | The Future Of Farming

Farmers have to deal with lots of issues while cultivating crops. The extensive process involves ploughing the field, sowing seeds, watering the crops in a timely and correct manner, using fertilizers to keep away pests, keeping animals away from destroying the crops, and much more. The challenges have mounted over the years and many farmers … Continue reading “PS111 – Based On Solar System | The Future Of Farming”

Clean India Movement

Clean India Movement | Environment Cleaning

Clean India Movement is an initiative towards a cleaner environment. In support of the movement, this student has created an automatic machine to clean floors within the home and communal areas. The machine is fitted with a broom, rotor, water tank and magnet to sweep and mop the floors.

Intelligent Farm Spraying Robot

The Intelligent Farm Spraying Robot

In order to eliminate pesticides in agricultural development induced by direct interaction with human body damage and increase the performance of agricultural spraying operations, this video suggests the concept of a smart wireless regulated spraying robot for pesticides. Watch how this technology will eliminate typical manual pesticide spraying procedures, which were full of close access … Continue reading “The Intelligent Farm Spraying Robot”

Overhead Water Tank Cleaner

Overhead Water Tank Cleaner

Dust and dirt particles sediment in the water tank. This poses a health risk and can lead to diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea. A student has come up with an economical and chemical-free alternative to clean water in overhead tanks. The model is equipped with a rod, brush and a dust collector.

Folding Stick

Folding Stick – A Walking Aid

A walking stick helps older people to walk and move around independently. As older people often suffer from weak memory, they forget to carry their stick along, which causes inconvenience. This student has devised a walking stick that folds up in a way that it can fit in a bag. Once the stick is opened, … Continue reading “Folding Stick – A Walking Aid”

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting – A Crucial Step Towards Saving Water

Do you enjoy playing in the rain or watching the rainfall? Have you ever imagined where this huge amount of water disappears? Yes, the water seeps into the soil but most of this fresh rainwater flows into the gutter. Water is a precious resource and only through water can life sustain on earth. The scarcity … Continue reading “Rainwater Harvesting – A Crucial Step Towards Saving Water”

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