Electro Demonstrator

Electro Demonstrator – All About Electricity

Electricity is a secondary source of energy. Electrons and electricity have a strong bond. Would you like to know how? Watch the video to learn about electricity while having some fun.

Electricity Generator Shoe

Electricity Generator Shoe

Army life is a life without luxury. Army men live in remote areas with no electricity. Therefore, it gets difficult for them to charge mobile and flashlights for emergencies. Watch the video to learn about a model that has the potential to generate power from shoes.

Multi Purpose Crutch

A Design Of Crutch Based On LED, Reflectors & Buzzer

Currently, people with disabilities use a traditional crutch as a tool for directing them when they move from one place to another. Although, the crutch is the most widespread means that is used today, it cannot help them to detect dangers from all levels of obstacles. In this context, a student has proposed a multipurpose … Continue reading “A Design Of Crutch Based On LED, Reflectors & Buzzer”

Smart Copper Subsea Ship

Smart Copper Subsea Ship With A Smart Cleaner

Have you heard of a 3-in-1 technology that reduces the cost of fuel, saves valuable resources and prevents water pollution? Watch the video, to learn about this technique that has the potential to generate power from tidal waves. Just Learning is where you can find innovative science projects. If you have created an amazing invention … Continue reading “Smart Copper Subsea Ship With A Smart Cleaner”

Integrated Farming

Integrated Farming – Traditional Yet Futuristic |

Integrated farming is a method that unifies farming with poultry, livestock and fish all at the same place. It produces sufficient food materials and generates income. Watch this video to know more.

Multipurpose Agriculture Tool

Multipurpose Agriculture Tool

Agricultural tasks are tedious and time-consuming. This multi-functional and handy tool reduces farmers’ workload. Watch the video to know about the assembling and the purposes of the various tools.

Smoke Absorber – Improves Air Quality

The household and industrial sectors have contributed to the increasing amount of air pollution. Watch the air cleaning device created by a student that curbs the pollution and related risks. The device consists of a box, exit fan, pipes, wire, net, etc.

Maize Cutting Machine and Automatic Seed Drill

Agricultural tasks are tedious and time-consuming, whereas modern tools and technologies are expensive. Watch this video to learn about the process and the benefits of an automatic machine that reduces manual work and saves time.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture – Securing Present and Future

Current agricultural practices are harming the environment and soil fertility. This makes the land unsuitable for the next crop production. Watch the video to learn about sustainable agriculture that accommodates present as well as future generations’ food needs.

Sound Pollution Control Machine

Sound Pollution Control Machine – Science Exhibition Model

Sound pollution leads to harmful effects on humans, animals, birds and sea creatures. Noise reduction systems help to absorb the sound vibrations and maintain a calmer atmosphere around. Watch the video to know more.

Thermocol reuse

Thermo Magic – Reduce and Reuse

Thermocol after use is usually discarded that affects the planet negatively. Thermocol waste can affect agricultural productivity if mixed with soil. Also, if eaten by cattle it can threaten their life. Watch this video to find out about ‘the best out of waste solution’ innovated by these students.

Electricity Generation Through Waste Water

Electricity Generation Through Waste Water

The treatment of domestic sewage provides increased opportunities for energy conservation and recovery of nutrients. Therefore, this student has come up with a project that uses waste treatment technology. The model is made up of a storage tank, pipes, turbine, blades, etc. This model tackles environmental and economic issues. Just Learning is where you can … Continue reading “Electricity Generation Through Waste Water”

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