Smart Helmet

A Smart Helmet For The Future

Numerous road accidents take place every day. Road safety is vital as bike accidents contribute to most of the accidents that take place. This student has come up with innovative helmet that ensures safety of the rider. This helmet is programmed to fulfill precautionary care as well sends accurate location information to the relevant people.

flower waste as agro product

Analyzing And Converting Floral Waste To Useful Agro Products

The current scenario of industries such as soaps, paint, crayons, etc use chemicals which are proving to be harmful to human skin. Hence, they need to replace them with safer, sustainable sources. That is exactly what is explained through this project of making organic products. The main principle involved in this project is: Organic carbon … Continue reading “Analyzing And Converting Floral Waste To Useful Agro Products”


Students Fantastic Innovation to Solve Air Pollution Is Amazing! Find Out

Any undesirable change in the earth’s environment that is harmful to humans and other biological species is called pollution. The accumulation and improper disposal of waste are one of the most important causes of pollution. There is a rapid increase in pollution of land, water, air, and noise resulting in degradation of the environment that … Continue reading “Students Fantastic Innovation to Solve Air Pollution Is Amazing! Find Out”

Amazing!National Level Science Exhibition, Motivates Children!

Why Is A Science Fair Conducted? A science fair experiment is generally a competition where participants present their science project, results in the form of a report, display board, and models that they have created. Science fairs allow students in elementary, middle and high schools to compete in science and technology activities.and science exhibition is … Continue reading “Amazing!National Level Science Exhibition, Motivates Children!”

Automatic drainage Cleaner

In this Project, solid waste is separated from the water. Dirty water is allowed to pass through the net, and solid waste gets stuck in the tank. This solid waste is taken out with some special arrangement. LED passes light to LDR. When the tank gets full of garbage LED stops giving light to LDR … Continue reading “Automatic drainage Cleaner”

School Exhibition

Have a look at this video to know about the views of the judge about the exhibition.

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